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Attorneys seeking to represent injured bikers and motorcycle passengers are a dime a dozen.  An internet search using keywords such as “personal injury lawyers,” “biker lawyers,” or “motorcycle lawyers” results in an overwhelmingly long list of law firms and attorneys wanting to represent injured bikers just like you.  But, if you take the time to scroll past generic promises that they will ‘fight for your rights’, ‘seek adequate compensation for your injuries’, and ‘combat the bias and negative stereotypes associated with the motorcycle culture’, you will find that very few personal injury lawyers actually ride.

So, why should you choose AZ Law Firm to represent your interests? The reason is simple. We ride. Our attorneys fight to protect the rights of bikers because we are bikers.  And our passion for riding is evidenced by the fact that on any given day, you are likely to find a motorcycle parked in front of our law office.

Ash Zayed, Managing Attorney

After graduating from high school, Ash attended the University of Texas and, with the goal of becoming a pilot, participated in the Air Force ROTC program for almost four years.  Ash earned a B.A. in Philosophy and, upon graduation, decided not to pursue his dreams of flying military aircraft due to his less-than-perfect vision.  Instead, Ash attended law school at Texas A&M University School of Law in Fort Worth, Texas.  While attending law school and becoming a licensed Texas attorney is not something Ash envisioned for himself, he is extremely grateful to have found his true calling in life.

Ash started riding motorcycles during his first year of law school and, like many people, he instantly fell in love.  The rush of adrenaline, the freedom of the road, and the feeling of the wind are just some of the reasons he loves riding motorcycles.  For Ash, riding a motorcycle offers a feeling of inner peace and independence that few other things in life can match.  You know it is true love when a rider gears up just to ride.

The attorneys at AZ Law Firm can assist you by:

  • Evaluating and explaining to you the pros and cons of your individual case;
  • Discussing with you any available options and our proposed strategies as it relates to your case;
  • Providing guidance and recommendations regarding any proposed settlement offers;
  • Quickly and effectively communicating with you during each step of the process so that you are not left in the dark;
  • Taking your case solely on a contingent fee basis; and
  • Aggressively protecting your rights.

Legal Services Geared Towards Motorcyclists

The attorneys at AZ Law Firm understand the risks posed by other drivers who fail to watch for motorcycles on the roadways.  We know firsthand the feeling of having a car carelessly pull from a parking lot into your path or a 3/4 ton truck merging from their lane into yours.  Moreover, our attorneys know exactly what you mean when, recounting the events leading up to your accident, you discuss concepts such as clutch and throttle control, fishtailing, and counter-steering.  When selecting an attorney to represent and protect your legal interests, AZ Law Firm encourages you to consider the benefits of hiring attorneys that, like you, understand the terminology, mechanics, and risks of riding motorcycles.

Motorcyclists generally seek the services of an attorney only after they have been injured, or their motorcycle damaged, due to the intentional or negligent actions of another person or entity.  However, in addition to providing legal representation for injured bikers and passengers, AZ Law Firm can assist motorcyclists with a variety of issues and legal obstacles.  Some of the areas of law in which the attorneys at AZ Law Firm may be able to assist you include:

Whether you  prefer riding sport bikes, cruisers, touring bikes, or dual-sports, we are all part of the same community.  It is a community that, regardless of age or gender, shares the joy of riding and the appreciation of a beautifully-built motorcycle. The attorneys at AZ Law Firm endeavor to protect the rights of all motorcyclists because, like you, we love to ride. Why hire a lawyer that believes a BMW R 1200 RT is the newest four-door luxury vehicle.  Instead, hire attorneys that have a thorough understanding of both motorcycles and the relevant law.  If you are facing criminal charges, beginning the divorce process, needing someone to draft your will, or recovering from injuries due to an accident through no fault of your own, call AZ Law Firm at (512)-400-7070 to schedule your free initial consultation.

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