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The decision to start a new business can be both exciting and overwhelming.  From the beginning, you will be inundated with decisions that may affect your potential for long term success and viability in the marketplace.  Concerns of finding the ideal location for your new business or establishing an online presence, while important, may not be as critical as selecting the appropriate legal structure for your business.

Many individuals are unsure of the benefits, drawbacks, and complexities related to the various types of business structures.  While one business may choose to move forward as a limited partnership or S-Corporation, you may find that a limited liability company (LLC) better fits your company’s needs and goals.  To ensure the best possible outcomes for you and your business, the attorneys at AZ Law Firm strongly advise you to seek our legal assistance in the selection, formation, and structuring of your new business.

In addition to business formation, our law firm provides legal guidance and counsel on a wide range of contract-related issues.  Contracts play a foundational role in any company’s operations because a contract not only establishes the terms of the parties’ relationship, but it also seeks to define the rules that will govern their transaction.  From your agreement with suppliers and vendors to sales orders with clients, contracts dictate the way you do business on a daily basis.

The attorneys at AZ Law Firm possess the knowledge and skill necessary to draft clear, unambiguous, and enforceable contracts that are customized to address the needs of your business.  Whether you are a brand new company or have provided products and services to the Central Texas area for three decades, our firm can assist you by negotiating, drafting, reviewing, and amending a variety of business-related contracts.

AZ Law Firm is based in Kyle, Texas, which is conveniently located between Austin and San Marcos.  Our attorneys are dedicated to serving the local and nearby Central Texas communities that are located in Hays County, Travis County, Caldwell County, Guadalupe County, Comal County, and Blanco County, including Kyle, San Marcos, Buda, Dripping Springs, Wimberley, Austin, New Braunfels, Lockhart, Seguin, Spring Branch, and Blanco. Contact us today at (512)-400-7070 to schedule your free initial consultation.

Why Should You Hire AZ Law Firm?

AZ Law Firm provides comprehensive solutions that are tailored to meet the needs of your business and industry. Whether you are constructing a business plan, selecting a business entity, contracting with another party, or in the process of winding up a partnership, our attorneys can provide you with a wide range of valuable legal services.

The election of a specific business entity represents a crucial decision that you must make at the onset of forming your company.  This decision retains the potential for not only affecting the operations of your company, but also its future success. Thought must be given to issues such as tax implications, risk exposure, management structure, and decision-making authority. Because of the long-term implications related to choosing a specific business entity, the attorneys at AZ Law Firm encourage you to seek the legal services of a licensed Texas attorney prior to forming your company. Contact our firm today and allow one of our attorneys to explain the various types of business entities from which you may choose, including:

  • C-Corporation,
  • S-Corporation,
  • Partnership,
  • Limited Liability Partnership (LLP),
  • Limited Partnership (L.P. or Ltd.),
  • Limited Liability Company (LLC), and
  • Professional Limited Liability Company (PLLC).

The attorneys at AZ Law Firm likewise assist businesses with an array of issues involving contractual matters.  Unfortunately, many business owners believe retaining an attorney to draft or review a contract is an unnecessary expense and rely, instead, upon their long-standing relationships and a handshake to consummate a deal.  Conversely, other entrepreneurs simply modify pre-existing contracts or attempt to draft the contract themselves.  But a poorly written contract, or no written contract at all, will inevitably cost you and your business more money at some point.

Ambiguities within a contract often lead to a disagreement between the parties.  An ambiguity exists when the language of a contract may be interpreted in more than one way by a reasonable person.  Unclear, or ambiguous language, regarding key concepts such as the obligations of each party, the respective rights of each party, events constituting a breach, and remedies for a breach, to name a few, can result in the parties forming different interpretations with respect to the same issue, which may lead to costly contract disputes.

For a fraction of the cost of future litigation, the attorneys at AZ Law Firm can draft, review and amend the contracts necessary for the success of your business.  In drafting a well-written, detailed, and customized contract for your business, AZ Law Firm strives to

  • be clear and unambiguous;
  • accurately memorialize the business transaction;
  • specify the rights and obligations of each party;
  • provide flexibility to account for unforeseen or changed circumstances;
  • advance our client’s goals while reducing its risks; and
  • prevent litigation

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Affordable Legal Fees

We understand that successfully running a business requires you to make sound fiscal decisions.  Accordingly, the attorneys at AZ Law Firm will always provide you with a free initial consultation.  Our firm does this because, while there may be many businesses that sell similar products or services, we understand that every business is different.  A standard contract that may fit the needs of one business may not fit the needs of your business.  Therefore, during the initial consultation, one of our attorneys will take the necessary time to sit down with you, ask questions, and learn about the unique characteristics of your business.  Specifically, we want to understand the obstacles, goals, and nuances that are exclusive to you and your business.  Then, based upon the information we glean during the initial consultation and, if needed, subsequent interviews, our attorneys will design a customized business solution that addresses the needs of your company.

AZ Law Firm offers comprehensive flat fee services for most business law issues.  Doing so allows you to better understand and plan for the costs associated with obtaining the legal services needed for your business. Alternatively, we also offer affordable hourly rates for all of our clients and, if needed, payment plans.  Our firm accepts cash, checks, debit cards, and most major credit cards to cover the costs of our legal services.

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